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Orchestrations & Arrangements


Radio France, 2018 & 2019

For more than 10 years, the 42nd Street radio show has been the the go-to broadcast for musical theater in France. Last year, to celebrate its 10th anniversary, Laurent Valière brought together 80 musicians/singers on stage, along with an orchestra of 21 musicians, in a staging by director Agnès Boury. He entrusted me with the orchestrations and the musical direction of this exceptional concert: three hours to celebrate musical theater live on France Musique. In 2019, we returned with a new concert: 42ème Rue Fait son Show.

Watch 42ème Rue Fête ses 10 ans HERE

Watch 42ème Rue Fait son Show HERE


Salle Pleyel 2017

Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe entered into the world of live music production in order to bring to life some of the most sumptuous, iconic and memorable songs from the Bandai Namco franchises. 

To hear the music of Tales of..., Dark Souls, SoulCalibur, Pac-Man or Ace Combat played by an orchestra of 80 musicians, fans came to the Salle Pleyel on February 4, 2017 for this symphonic concert.



For the past few years, a wonderful collaboration has developed between Yvan Cassar and myself. He has entrusted me with the arrangements and orchestrations for several artists, and we have on stage together many times. Whether it with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Monaco or of Marseille, the Royal Opera of Versailles or the Studio Air in London, working with a musician of this caliber represents joy and a new challenge to take up.

On the videos to the left, a few examples of my work with Yvan: 

  • Malèna, a glimpse of the title song for Roberto Alagna's CD

  • Santa Baby, recorded during the television broadcast of Roberto Alagna chante Noël

  • Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, rehearsal for the concert at the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées with Natalie Dessay


​Salle Pleyel / tournée 2017

It was with pleasure that I responded to the request of Ysabelle Arfi, Vincent Niclo's musical director, to create a medley of songs by Michel Legrand, made to measure for the singer. The premiere took place at Salle Pleyel.


Théâtre Nationale de Toulouse

Unfortunately, few traces remain of this concert with Natalie Dessay, which took place at the Théâtre National de Toulouse, directed by Laurent Pelly. I was a wonderful opportunity to write for the Toulouse Chamber Orchestra, with which I associated about twenty jazz musicians. No recording was made, except by the public! Here are two "stolen" excerpts...


Théâtre Déjazet, 2014

The motto of this show could be "Do what you want and everything will sing with you!". During this musical and theatrical performance, Isabelle tells us that it's never too late to reinvent the extraordinary every day, to celebrate humanity and find a little meaning and tenderness in a world where everything goes decidedly too fast, all with a fine sense of swing, needless to say!

Written by Isabelle Georges
Directed by Anne Bourgeois
With Frederik Steenbrink, Jérôme Sarfati, David Grebil, Edouard Pennes, Adrien Sanchez


Théâtre de Paris, 2010

"Rendez-vous" is the French adaptation of "She Loves Me". Kad Mérad plays the role of Georg Nowack, director of a perfume factory in Hungary. A quiet and discreet man who anonymously corresponds with a "very dear" stranger with whom he has fallen in love without meeting. Soon, a new saleswoman, Amalia Balash, arrives. Immediately, the two characters hate each other. And yet, they will quickly discover that they have been writing to each other for several months without even knowing it!

Directed by Jean-Luc Revol
Avec Kad Merad, Magali Bonfils, Laurent Lafitte, Pierre Santini, Alyssa Landry, Andy Cocq, Paolo Domingo, Jean-Michel Fournereau, Lauri Lupi, Sofia Naït, Mélusine, Laure Balon, François Beretta, Grégory Gonel, Olivier Tiago Do Nacimiento


Théâtre de Suresnes/tournée 1998 et 2018

In the beginning was "Souingue"... an adventure started in 1998 by seven jazz fans: a  burlesque show if ever there was one, applauded more than 250 times in the four corners of France... 

Reprising the witty words of great authors and the iconic performances of personalities of the French stage, we decided to "re-souingue" in 2008, in a new review of post-war repertoire. 

Thirty unexpected and humorous songs, from Boby Lapointe to Nougaro, which I had the pleasure of arranging for my long-time accomplices!

Directed by Laurent Pelly
Avec Fabienne Guyon, Florence Pelly, Gilles Vajou et Jacques Verzier

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